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Arcari Editore has been on the publishing market for over twenty years carrying out mainly local pubications concerning history, customs… more »

Publishers of fiction and non-fiction. Italian and foreign literature, biographies, travel, art, philosophy and criticism, children, politics, critiques. Foreign Rights… more »

Founded in Rome in 1988, Ats Italia Editrice is a publisher of art books, touristic editions, guides, monographs and religious… more »

The “Bonfirraro Editore” publishing house was founded 30 years ago on the initiative of the resourceful Salvo Bonfirraro, who would… more »

Boroli Editore makes high quality books to understand our world and meet the needs of any member of the family.… more »

Established in 1970, the Italian publishing house Casa Editrice Bonechi specializes in the publication of souvenir books on world renowned… more »

coedisar@coedisar.com www.coedisar.com COEDISAR reproduces documents and old maps. Its facilities are modern and up to date and are especially equipped… more »

Colombo Publisher began it’s activity in 1937. In the last years Colombo Publisher has published mainly about the city of… more »

Colophon is an Italian, Venice based, book packager specialised in International co-editions in different domains. Colophon creates, designs and produces… more »

Editrice Taro specializes in publications on the pleasures of art, fashion, travel, wine and food. In recent years, Taro has… more »

Edizioni del Capricorno is a publisher specialized in nonfiction with more than twenty years of activity. An important part of… more »

Egea is a publishing and bookselling company owned by Università Bocconi. Created in 1988 for the diffusion of economic and… more »

The prestigious FMR publishing house was founded 40 years ago. 40 Years of publications devoted to books and beauty. A… more »

The Belluno Institute of Social and Cultural Research specializes in themes regarding the Rheto-romance (Ladin) world paying particular attention to… more »

Established in 2007, it was acquired by Marsilio Editori in 2009: LOG607 designs and realizes publishing formats and engaging groundbreaking… more »

A great passion for literature, cultural heritage, art, and tourism bolstered by the sensitivity of an all-female team: this is… more »

Since it was founded in Florence in 1985, Mandragora has been specialising in the management of museum bookshops and events.… more »

Marsilio Editori (RCS Group), established in Venice fifty years ago, is one of the leading Italian publishers with over 8000… more »

Six book series. They include two narrative series: the most classic “parole in viaggio” (words on the road) and the… more »

SIME Books is a newly formed publishing house dedicated to tourism and promoting Italy. It publishes books, guides, multimedia, posters,… more »

Sitcom Editore, founded in 2005 as a branch of the Gruppo Sitcom company, is specialized in high quality illustrated Cook,… more »