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Associazione Italiana Editori

The Associazione Italiana Editori (AIE) is the trade association for Italian and foreign publishers who produce and distribute books, magazines and electronic publishing materials in Italian.

With its 420 members, covering over 90% of the Italian books market, the Association keeps a careful eye on the country’s educational changes. One of its aims is to promote, either independently or in cooperation with others, all initiatives which may assist in the spread of books and other publishing products, as well as Italian culture, both in Italy and throughout the world.

On the European and international stage, the AIE helped to found the International Union of Publishers (UIE) in 1896 and the Federation of the European Publishers (FEE) in 1976 and it continues to play a leading role in both organizations and it is also a member of other international associations such as EDITEUR and ABPTOE (Association of Booksellers and Publishing Training Organization in Europe).

The AIE holds the ISBN Agency for the Italian Language Area, the management of which is entrusted to Ediser Srl since January 1st 2005.