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Edizioni Studium


La Fontana di Siloe is an imprint of Edizioni Lindau where are published books on the Roman Catholic Religion, History of the Church, biographies of Saints and people who has lived a devotional life

What were the top selling books in Italy this past week of August 30 - September 5th? Check out the top ten bestsellers at Italbooks, your source for Italian publishing: https://www.italbooks.com/news/
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Sei interessato ad ACTFL 2021? Vorresti partecipare insieme a ICE-Chicago? Scrivi a Italbooks team per ulteriori informazioni: info@italbooks.com e visita http://www.italbooks.com
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If you are an American publishing company, a literary agent, or a professional working in the book industry, specialized in Italian content books, Italian authors, or Italian language, Italbooks.com is the right place for you.
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If you are an Italian publishing or printing company, an author or illustrator, a literary or translation agent, or if you are a professional working in the book industry, you have browsed the right place. Italbooks.com is the perfect digital platform for your business.
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