Here’s the new version of Italbooks, the platform created by the Italian Trade Agency to facilitate the trade of publishing products and services between Italy and the United States of America. If you’re interested please register and create your own Italbooks profile. You’ll have access to all of the website’s functions and content

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Grafimated Cartoon - Scuola del Fumetto Palermo

Grafimated Cartoon is an artist’s cooperative that produces, promotes and distributes animated films and comics. It was founded in 2001 by professionals in the field of comics. They have worked in the…

Produzione Editoriale XY

Established in 2006 and operating under three different imprints, Produzione Editoriale XY publishes a combination of cultural, fiction, and non-fiction titles across a wide range of subject areas.

Full Bleed Rights

Full Bleed Rights is a rights agency, specializing in expanding our international clients\' reach by selling their foreign rights across all languages. We help fans of graphic works find their next favorite thing.

What were the top selling books in Italy this past week of August 30 - September 5th? Check out the top ten bestsellers at Italbooks, your source for Italian publishing: https://www.italbooks.com/news/
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Sei interessato ad ACTFL 2021? Vorresti partecipare insieme a ICE-Chicago? Scrivi a Italbooks team per ulteriori informazioni: info@italbooks.com e visita http://www.italbooks.com
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For American

If you are an American publishing company, a literary agent, or a professional working in the book industry, specialized in Italian content books, Italian authors, or Italian language, Italbooks.com is the right place for you.
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For Italian

If you are an Italian publishing or printing company, an author or illustrator, a literary or translation agent, or if you are a professional working in the book industry, you have browsed the right place. Italbooks.com is the perfect digital platform for your business.
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