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Graphicom Srl Group

Graphicom began in 1986 as a print broker, aimed primarily at the European market for illustrated books: from the very beginning, we have specialized in high-quality projects. In 1996 we acquired a…

Editoriale Domus SpA

Established by Gianni Mazzocchi in Milan in 1929, Editoriale Domus is a leader in the field of special interest publications. The range of editorial products offered has constantly grown to meet the…

Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore

The publishing house Maria Pacini Fazzi was founded in Lucca in 1966; the city became a fundamental starting point for the first demanding publishing works, based on the history and art of…

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If you are an American publishing company, a literary agent, or a professional working in the book industry, specialized in Italian content books, Italian authors, or Italian language, Italbooks.com is the right place for you.
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If you are an Italian publishing or printing company, an author or illustrator, a literary or translation agent, or if you are a professional working in the book industry, you have browsed the right place. Italbooks.com is the perfect digital platform for your business.
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