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If you are an American publishing company, a literary agent, or a professional working in the book industry, specialized in Italian content books, Italian authors, or Italian language, Italbooks.com is the right place for you.
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Se siete una casa editrice o una casa tipografica italiana, un autore o un illustratore, un agente letterario o un traduttore, o se siete un professionista che lavora nell'editoria, siete nel posto giusto. Italbooks.com è la piattaforma digitale perfetta per la vostra attività.
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Ledizioni - LediPublishing

LediPublishing is the international branch of Ledizioni, an independent academic publisher in humanities and social sciences, based in Milano, Italy. We publish scholarly books and journals with the aim of better serving the academic community, using digital technologies in order to make the system of academic communication more efficient.

Bonfirraro Editore

Proudly independent since 1986, the Bonfirraro publishing house immediately distinguished itself for the production of quality fiction, to which is added a particular attention to historical truths never revealed and a successful line of essays and inquiries on topics with a strong social impact.

IBN Editore

www.aviolibri.it, additional website IBN is one of the major Italian publishers in the aviation sector. Its production varies from technical books for students of Aeronautical Schools, pilots and University, to historical and…

What were the top bestsellers in Italy this past week? Check out our list at http://italbooks.com, your news source for Italian Publishing
#italianbestsellers #ITAChicago #italbooks #sperlingkupfer
Photo: Amore senza fine: Love Me Love Me 3 (http://mondadoristore.it)

What were the top bestsellers in Italy this past week? Check out our bestsellers at http://italbooks.com, your news source for Italian Publishing
#italianbooks #italianbestsellers #ITAChicago #italbooks #silviaavallone #rizzoli
Photo: Cuore Nero, by Silvia Avallone (Rizzoli)

Alessandro Robecchi, author of the bestselling "Pesci piccoli" (Sellerio Editore Palermo) #ITAChicago #italbooks #bestsellers #alessandrorobecchi #sellerioeditore #sellerio #libri
Photo: http://leggermente.com

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