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Cortella Poligrafica Srl

Lithographic and offset printing, book print, newsprint, printing of magazines and books, bill pads, postcards, colour photographs, large posters, catalogues and brochures, labels, tags, adhesive and self-adhesive labels, forms, index cards, continuous…

Effatà Editrice

Effatà in Aramaic means “open yourself”. In Italian, it means books that open the mind and the heart, and voyages that open new horizons. Effatà Editrice has been publishing books for both…


Arcobaleno promotes an articulated Project for the diffusion of the Italian language and culture through innovative proposals, methods and means of application for cultural enrichment, professional training or just free time recreation.…

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(Photo: Libreria Colonnese, Naples)

CSA Editrice publishes essays, memoirs, monographs, novels, dictionaries, poems and children's illustrated books. More than 100 titles per year. In partnership with IBA International Book Agency. http://usbookshow.com, May 23-26.
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If you are an American publishing company, a literary agent, or a professional working in the book industry, specialized in Italian content books, Italian authors, or Italian language, Italbooks.com is the right place for you.
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If you are an Italian publishing or printing company, an author or illustrator, a literary or translation agent, or if you are a professional working in the book industry, you have browsed the right place. Italbooks.com is the perfect digital platform for your business.
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