The Italian Trade Agency (ITA)

ITA - Italian Trade Agency is a non-profit government agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy. With a motivated and modern organization and a widespread network of overseas offices, ITA provides to Italian small and medium-sized businesses: INFORMATION  - ASSISTANCE  -  CONSULTING  -  PROMOTION  -  TRAINING

ITA acts to assert the excellence of the Made in Italy throughout the world using the most modern multi-channel promotion and communication tools.

Contact Information
Italian Trade Agency
Via Liszt N.21
00144, Roma, Italy


Publishing Task Force (PTF)

ITA has established in its Chicago office a Publishing Task Force (PTF), in support of Italian publishers who want to forge partnerships and find ways to expand their business in the USA. The PTF functions as a connective operational bridge between American and Italian companies in establishing contacts and business relations between companies in the two countries.

The PTF undertakes many initiatives to ensure the Italian presence in the American publishing market. The team works to guarantee the office’s participation at major US book fairs such as Comic-Con International and the ACTFL convention and provides assistance to American delegates at Italian book expos such as Bologna Children’s Book Fair (Bologna), Piu’ libri Piu’ liberi (Roma) and Il Salone del libro (Torino).

The PTF also designs and supervises advertising campaigns, carries out analysis, documentation and support activities, including assistance to companies or other Italian entities operating in the industry, and last but not least, manages the sector’s website, centered on the book rights market.

Contact Information

ITA – Italian Trade Agency, Chicago office
401 Michigan Avenue, Suite 1720
Chicago, IL, 60611, USA

Ph. +1(312) 670 4360
Time zone: - 7

The PTF works in conjunction with the team of the publishing desk Editoria-Musica as part of Industrie culturali e creative/Cultural and Creative industries in Rome.