Afro-Italian authors gain international recognition

In a recent article by Porter Anderson posted on Publishing Perspectives (PublishingPerspectives2021 ), Italian authors of African heritage are profiled in Words Without Borders. The article profiles five Afro-Italian writers: Djarah Kan, Rhama Nur, Igiaba Scego, Marie Moise, and Ubah Cristina Ali Farah. All five writers have enjoyed success with their published works in Italy.

Currently, translations are in the works to debut these important voices of contemporary Italy to the US reader. Candice Whitney and Barbara Ofosu-Samuah are interviewed and discuss the challenges of translation. “As translators, we attempt to expand the transnational discourse around Blackness by showing how Black Italian women and their lived experiences are critical to the way we think about Blackness beyond borders.”

For the complete article: PublishingPerspectives 2021 Afro-Italian

In the photo L-R: Djarah Kan (image: Riccardo Piccirillo); Rhama Nur; and Igiaba Scego (image: Simona Filippini).