Benvenuta… Bologna Licensing Trade Fair!

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair team did not give up on its costumers, on business and on books. In fact, they recently announced the launch of an online trading program platform for book rights, a sort of virtual BCBF.  According to the manager Elena Pasoli, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair aims to remain “the biggest rights marketplace for children’s content”.

The team worked hard and in collaboration with Pub Match (Online rights platform by Publishers Weekly and the Combined Book Exhibit) in order to create the first Global Right Exchange online platform, for business trading and networking opportunities, providing an overview of the new international creative trends, which will take place on May 4th 2020

The full schedule of the virtual BCBF will be announced on April 23, in occasion of world celebration of books and copyrights, with a special overview of online children’s books.

The BCBF team also announced the presence of various online initiatives, such as the “Illustrators’ Wall”, a virtual version of the previous real Illustrators’ Wall” in occasion of the annual Bologna Ragazzi Awards.

That’s a fighting spirit !