BIBF2020: Beijing International Book Fair

The Beijing International Book Fair is at the moment, one of the few book events still on going. The team of the Beijing fair wants to reassure the public that they continue the collaboration with the Chinese publishing industry as well as with the international one, despite the difficult 2020 beginning that challenged the world to adapt not only business operations, but also the daily day to the new tragic circumstances due to the deadly spreading of the COVID-19

The Beijing book fair will continue as planned. The event will take place in the summer, from August 26 to 30. The organizers of the book fair show their support by implementing new strategies in support of the international companies who won’t be able to attend. For example, the “2020BIBF will upgrade the international children’s Book Hall using a state of the art platform to display the resources of international children’s book exhibitors. We will provide ‘Children’s Book Copyright Express’ service for Chinese and foreign exhibitors!”.

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