Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2018: What to Expect

The 2018 edition of the Bologna Chidren’s Book Fair (March 26 – 29, 2018) will have more than 1,300 exhibitors. The show looks to be an engaging program of conferences, exhibitions, award ceremones, and events.

As always, the highlights of the show are exhibitions of books and illustrations. One exhibit in particular, will showcase more than  100 picture books related to performing arts and movies – an extension of the fair’s working relationship with Immagine Bimbo, for which books were initially curated.

There will be new events that will include a half-day conference about audiobook publihsing that will feature representatives from Audible, the Audio     Publishers Association,   Disney, Storytel, among   others. Other half day   pandel discussions will   focus on children’s books   about art, architecture, and   design.

China is this year’s guest of honor and will have an exhibition of ancient Chinese illustrated books and 3,000 current titles. Wth at least 100 exhibitors, China will have a massinve presence at the show and should not be missed.

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