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Afghan West. Voci dai villaggi

The transition process that is taking place in Afghanistan is of utmost historical importance.

With this in mind, during a media tour of ten days, which took place between Herat and Shindand Bala Boluk, a group of journalists have seen fit to immortalize it in a broader framework, so as to be able to leave a tangible trace that is not lost in the folds, sometimes marginal, a news article.

Starting from the interviews collected between the military of the ISAF mission, including villagers, between the governors and generals Afghans, the idea of a book that can tell the Afghanistan of today and try to read the implications that the ‘contribution and the contribution of the Italian military, especially in the west, Afghanistan will have on the new face of tomorrow.

In addition to the text, the project that journalists Viva Samantha, Katie Laneri and photojournalist Elizabeth Loi have realized, includes a large collection of photos and a video to document in a comprehensive and non-unique, but using three different levels of communication, a journey into a world less known in a country that still lives under the label of an outpost of the Taliban.

We do not know anything about the reality of the place and its difficulties, and how people are trying to get away from crime, opium, prejudices and isolation. The message that sometimes emerges from the many activities that our soldiers carry out, in a country as complex and contradictory as his people and is linked to ours, deserves more attention, especially since the recognition of the so-called “Italian system” as a modus operandi that has made school and has provided expertise and advice necessary to ensure that in 2014, with the end of the ISAF mission, or its much more likely downsizing in the number and functions, the Afghan people is finally independent.

The long process that is now in its fourth phase also saw the reorganization of the military capabilities of local forces and Afghan police, who every day purchase security and capacity, thanks to the role of our constant specialized departments such as MAT and PAT, not to mention the numerous innovations in the field of not only strategic but also cultural and social, first of all, the entry of women into the army.

Even the struggle for women’s rights deserves adequate space in order to avoid easy qualunquismi and occidentalist approximations to a phenomenon that is part of a complex universe as that of the Islamic world.

All these points deserve some further consideration of the page of a newspaper and they are provided to the reader, with a view to understanding the context of broader, without claiming to tell Afghanistan in a hundred pages or eye scholarly, but with the desire to give to those who know little or nothing of the matter, the record of the people who live on its context with participation and awareness.

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