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Publisher: Coedisar Srl

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 9-788885-966642

Antique Maps of the Mediterranean Islands Volume II

Due to its location, in the centre of the Western Mediterranean, Sardinia was only accessible through sailing the high sea’s, and thus nautical maps were very useful. According to some, it was not surprising that the port of Cagliari is mentioned in the first document to deal with the topic of nautical maps, the Gesta Sancti Ludovici of Guillaume de Nangis (William of Nangis), which refers to the 1270 expedition that Louis IX, the King of France, organized against the Saracen fortress of Tunisia.

Reproductions of this collection relate to Sardinia, the second island of the Mediterranean Sea. The relevance of the island is prominent in nautical charts due to its location at the centre of the Western basin.

Consisting of 12 reproductions the antique maps are of the islands in the Mediterranean, and a monograph with sheets of maps dating from 1520 to 1715

The author, cartographer and expert on ancient maps, complete the work with a monograph that contains data sheets and a precise description of the maps.