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Publisher: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A.

Format: paperback

Ascolta il mio cuore

(Listen to my heart)

Regarded as the most important contemporary children writer in Italy, Bianca Pitzorno has published more than 40 highly successful books for children, becoming the favorite writer of a whole generations of young readers.
She’s nominee as Best Writer for the 2012 Andersen Award and her books have been published in several countries including France, Germany, Russia, Spain, China and Japan.
First published in 1991, Ascolta il mio cuore is a moving realistic novel set in post-war Italy and one of Bianca Pitzorno’s most successful novels.

From the very beginning of the fourth form, Prisca realizes that life will be different with the new teacher: each school day will be a war. She would like to be a writer, and has “fallen in love” with an old cardiologist. She often asks him to “listen to the heart” which beats faster and faster each time she witnesses an injustice. And with the new teacher injustices literally pour down… Elisa, Prisca’s best friend, is a quiet girl, but nevertheless a strong and inflexible judge of the unfairness and hypocrisy of adults. The two young girls successfully fight together against the arrogance of the awful teacher.

Rights sold to China (Qingdao), Germany (Bertelsmann), Poland (Skrzat), Russia (Samokat) and Spain (Sabina Editorial).

420 pages
Age: 11+