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Publisher: Iris 4 Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 88-89322-34-9 / 206706


400 questions-answers to prepare yourself for the exam

BECOMING A JOURNALIST is a journey within and around the magic world of the printed paper both daily and weekly or monthly.
Not allowing somebody to get sidetracked, it doesn’t deal with a simple even if always very useful manual. In this book, one can in fact find the Republic’s history too and every institution broadly described. The most important laws and conventions are not missing but it also presents the newspaper structure and it explains the technical measures of a newspaper compilation. An enjoyable and catchy method to prepare yourself for the exam to become a professional journalist. It even dissolves the most popular doubts about this profession, allowing one to confront them order to test their own competence about the issue. On the other hand, curious people will be able to discover what is hidden in the news, news that are maybe read in a bar between a coffee and a chitchat… In a word, it is a manual with questions and answers to prepare for the journalist exam but it is also a book that tells our country’s past and present.

136 pages

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