Book Detail

Publisher: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A.

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-04-56113-2

Chronicles of the Overworld

Cronache del Mondo Emerso

With over 3 millions copies sold all over the world, Licia Troisi is undoubtedly the Italian queen of fantasy and her works have been translated in 17 languages.

The Overworld saga, in three trilogies, is both a modern epic saga with wonderful characters involved in the neverending conflict between good and evil and a unique rivisitation of fantasy genre, with a vivid  and gripping depicted fictional world, full of twists and action, which makes it a perfect crossover read.

Licia’s rebellious young heroines are intensely portrayed and layered characters, grappling with friendship, love and all other emotional upheavals of their age.

Plots are extremely compelling, thought-provoking, at times wrenching, due to thrill all readers, not only fantasy lovers.

In this first trilogy, set as all the others in the Overworld, blue haired and pointed eared Nihal is forced to take up arms against Aster the Tyrant, who is gradually extending his command on the entire Overworld. She will face horrible monsters and go through incredible adventures while seeking for a talisman which can gain her huge powers and put an end to the war. Her only companions are Sennar, her friend and lover, and her trusty sword.

Rights sold to Belgium and Netherlands (Dutch rights), Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Korea, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey. Rights licensed for videogame, comics and artbook. Film rights sold.

(bind-up edition of the three books in the first trilogy – single volumes available)
Trade paperback with flaps
1304 pages overall (around 400 pages for each title)
Age: 14+