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After twenty years of commitment for the Training of the teachers of Italian Language and Culture abroad at any level, strong in the experience, knowledge of the environment and specific methods of teaching and curricula, we have finally achieved a Project for students of Italian specifically meant for students of Italian in the world, with particular attention to the students in the United States.
We are working to expand the use of our project, with programs and materials where the study of the Italian Language is significant.

The work done has put us into direct contact with the reality of teaching and allowed us to face and cope with the needs for educational materials in different situtations.

The course includes a number of materials that sets the teaching of Italian Language and Culture at the same level of the teaching of any other foreign languages.

The Project meant for the United States is based on the National Standards, and prepares students to face the expected AP exam.

We hope that our project can contribute to Italian’s growth and meet the expectations of teachers and all those who engage in this effort in the United States and States all over the world.

 The Course for grades K-6 provides for each level:
• Students’ book
• CD-Rom
• Homework book
• CD-Rom assessments
• Teacher’s guide

 Course for Middle and High School, Grade 7 and 8 Middle School:
Kit 1A
grades 9-12 high school: Kit 1A – 1B – 2 – 3
• Student’ book
• CD-Rom interactive and audio
• Vocabulary in context
• Homework book
• Portfolio audits
• Teacher’s guide
• Teacher’s resource book
• CD-Rom Portfolio assessments
On-line for teachers and students