Book Detail

Genre: Italian Learning/Teaching Material

Publisher: Edilingua

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-8899358921

The new Italian Project (1a)

Textbook of Italian language and culture for English speaking learners (A1&A2)

The New Italian Project 1a (June, 2020) is the newest improved edition of the textbook. It has been thoroughly improved and updated in every aspect while employing the same design and teaching methodology of the previous edition. The textbook targets adults and young adults (16+) learners

The textbook comes in two Volumes: 1a and 1b, each of which is comprehensive of:

1) Audio Cd with the introductory dialogues for the units and texts for listening comprehension and pronunciation.

2) DVD with an engaging sit-com. Click here to watch the trailer. Video activities are inside the book.

3) Access code to the interactive version of the Workbook on the Edilingua digital platform, along with many other tools for students and teachers

Click here to browse the specimen of the volume 1a.

DIGITAL VERSIONS: the e-book and the Interactive Students book are available respectively on Blinklearning and on Both resources include audio and video material.

For more information please visit our website or contact us at Sample copies are available upon request (until stock lasts).

The New Italian Project 1a ISBN 978-88-99358-84-6

The New Italian Project 1b ISBN 978-88-99358-92-1