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Publisher: Iris 4 Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-89322-16-0

Fenomeno Hacking

Analisi sociocriminalistica dell’intrusione informatica

Hacking Phenomenon<br>Socio-criminalistical analysis of computer intrusion<br><br>There is hacktivism taking place on the cybernet. Direct, ethical and cooperative action in the electronic world supported by communication guerrilla. Hackers are no longer computer pirates or free software heroes; they are now patterns of a new way of life. This is an exciting journey in cybercrime where the authors, particularly Michele Nigretti with his police work experience, give a new vision of the hackers’ works by a careful, theoretical, empirical, legal investigation that brings us as far as in a hacklab but also among a police blitz against computer hackers. This book is an intense essay that clarifies all obscure points taken on the screen.<br><br>Preface by Vincenzo Mastronardi<br>Postscript: Gianmichele Pavone<br>Series: intelligentia edited by F. Barresi<br><br>178 pages

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