Book Detail

Publisher: Edilingua

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-960-6632-65-5

Forte! 1

Forte! is an original and enjoyable course in three levels for children aged between 7 and 11. It offers a wide range of activities and games that can be performed in class. In order to engage the children the course has as its theme the comic adventures of five children of different nationalities and their friends.

Forte! 1 comes with an audio CD with songs and listening excerpts and a CD-Rom containing for each unit, one dialogue in 3D animation and all the songs in karaoke version.

The course is completed by the Teacher’s Guide which offers useful advice on how to conduct the activities as well as additional worksheets, flashcards and photocopiable material.

Level: Elementary level (A1)

Further levels:

Forte! 2
Author: L. Maddii – M.C. Borgogni
ISBN: 978-960-693-044-7
Level: Elementary level (A1+)

Forte! 3
Author: L. Maddii – M.C. Borgogni
ISBN: 978-960-693-072-0
Level: Elementary level (A2)