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Future Images

Future images

This book is intended to explore at an international level the works of some of the emerging artists who use the photographic medium without adopting the generic schemata of traditional photography.

Since the 1960s, the author, Mario Cresci, has taken an approach to photography that aims to free the medium from the specificity of its own representational language. In this book, the sum total of his artistic experience, together with a busy teaching activity, has allowed him to articulate a desire to establish a link between the various ways of investigating the visual world that are modifying the disciplinary foundations of photography.
Although not of fundamental importance in relation to the artistic transformation of photography, it is certain that the advent of the new technologies, both with regard to the cameras themselves and the printing of digital images, has contributed to new reflections that, at a theoretical level,

had already been undertaken in the 1970s,when the Conceptual Art movement was at its height. In short, one could say that we are now experiencing an epoch-making transition from the analogue process to the digital one, or, to put it more simply, we have progressed from the darkroom to the lightroom.

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