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Giorgione (c.1478 – 1510) was a famous Renaissance painter born in the small town of Castelfranco Veneto near Venice. He died at thirty-two, while Titian, who lived in the same period, lived until ninety years old.Giorgione introduced a new concept of painting: more intimate, psychological and ambiguous, in some ways hermetic as well. What is Giorgione’s real surname? What does exactly represent The Tempest , his most famous painting, dated 1508? Venus? The mother of a hero escaping into the forest? It is said he was also an appreciated musician…

Landscape and nature in the background are often the principal character of his paintings: trees, light, clouds, earth, darkness…Although only a few works are definitely ascribable to Giorgione, they are the key to understanding the epoch-making turning-point in the Venetian painting. His mysterious life is here deeply revealed through his paintbrush strokes.

Size: cm. 28×33, 384 pages, 260 colours. Hardcover with slipcase

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