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Publisher: Bonfirraro Editore

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978 88 6272 032 8

I Borbone. «Piemontesi bastardi» La verità rubata

In Lager Fenestrelle in Piedmont over 5000 soldiers were shot Bourbons, many others are made to die of cold and starvation. Before they shot the poor soldiers betrayed by their commanders shouting “Inglourious Piedmontese-Italian” to their captors. Massimo d’Azeglio that says get with the south is like going to bed with a dead leper. “People Africanissima” said the Farini. The cousin of the bandit Ciccone meets Captain speaks Spanish Pamplona and gold with which the English corrupted the Neapolitan generals did withdraw their troops so they would win easily. The author brings to light, in this historical novel, countless realities that involve the interests of France and England. How nice it would be for us if history had been written even by the losers, not just winners. We could have a global view of things happened and hidden for centuries. Our children have studied the reality from two points of view, and perhaps no one would have the courage to openly take sides neither from one nor the other. Our author, through his research, he had an intuition that reveals through confession and the memory of an officer in the Bourbon … a winning note. He manages to do whatever precise analysis of a series of events unknown to most Italians. With this book, we wanted to clarify and reveal, finally, what can be truly successful in Southern Italy with the landing of the Thousand and what had been plotted by larger European nations of that period. A truth that, in spite of the testimonies and documents visible to most people, is still completely unknown. A revelation to suggest how to read an attentive audience that wants to finally be aware of the truth, unfortunately uncomfortable but still a truth.

14.5 cm. X 21 cm., 192 pages.

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