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I Borgia del casale

Storia e Vicende di una famiglia dell’Aristocrazia Siciliana

We are at the end of ‘300 when Guglielmo Borgia migrates from Rome to Sicily to take up the post of warden of the fortress of Palazzolo (SR), a small town tucked away in the woods dell’acrocoro ibleo. From this pleasant place begins the historical presence of the Borgia of Sicily; from Rome, where his family had migrated from Spain to satisfy the ambitions of Calixtus III and Alexander VI, the island was a young adventurer in search of fortune and maybe even glory, proceeds from this offspring whose stories are very similar to those the famous Roman family who owned and Lucrezia Borgia.

Since Borgia Dorotea was born in Syracuse in fact the most comely ladies of Sicily, Lucia Migliaccio; that lovely creature to whom he had to fall in love with Ferdinand IV of Bourbon and a son of the Duchess of Virginia Verasis Castiglione, the beauty of which much has been said and written. Through a fascinating historical re-enactment are illustrated with a march full of references archival events, marriages and succession until the extinction of the family in 800. News illustrated and commented in the text connects with an elegant appendage still unpublished documents in the possession of the heirs, including a ticket to the duchess and Giuliana last Marquis of Casa Borgia.

The Borgia del Casale, Sicily and the ramification of his story: The story of the Borgia family is still centuries later a subject of great attraction for all scholars of medieval history, the turbulent passions of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia became Pope under the name of Alexander VI, as well as the unhappy loves of Lucrezia continue to fuel the imagination of many readers. It was believed until yesterday that there was nothing more to write about the Borgia and instead thanks to research by a passionate scholar of Sicilian history have re-emerged from the pit of cards, stories, weddings and captivated the characters of the Borgia family in Sicily, where this took root with Guglielmo Borgia (1397), a knight came to Rome in search of fortune. Thanks to shrewd political maneuvering and accurate especially through marriage alliances the family settled in the island and took first permanent home in Palazzolo, then to Syracuse and Noto where it still retains the magnificent family mansion adorned with paintings and frescoes. In the text, agile and easy to read relives the worldliness of an aristocratic family, lover of art and beauty, but also the entire history of Sicily affected by the earthquake of 1693, the Risorgimento, the passions of men.

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