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Il delitto Sicilia

Operazione Vulcano

The Monterosa Family and its collaborators, the protagonists of this story, are characters born from the imagination that the author made to move in a scenario absolutely authentic, where they meet existing people, addressing real issues and bringing certain information. Sicily recounted from the author’s experience: people, cities, churches and campaigns. And it is in the midst of all this, which is described by a deliberate search of precision, that the characters of this story act, reporting facts and authentic data.

The story of the train journey between Catania and Roma and the hurricane that caused it correspond to what actually happened that day and it is on the railway and in the hours that this “story” has seen the light and has not been changed. Any differences between the environment and the people described as of March 10, 2012, with respect to what found in the reality existing on the date in which the book was given to the press, can be attributed to this choice.

On December 30, 1945, in Monte San Mauro, the gun battle between the Italian Army and the GUT, the army volunteers Sicilian independence, with dead and wounded, actually took place.

The prof. Antonio Canepa was actually killed by police at dawn on June 17, 1945 in the countryside of Randazzo; responds to the true fact that all the work of this tragic event was segretato. When it came to the constraint of state secrecy, the file has not found anything.

Antonio Pallante, Randazzo, actually attacked Palmiro Togliatti on July 14, 1948, and on the date of March 10, 2012 was 94 years. He attended the Faculty of Law of the University of Catania where he taught Canepa.

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