Book Detail

Publisher: nottetempo Srl

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-7452-223-1

Il futuro è nella plastica

(There’s a great future in plastics)

Arturo is thirty and has a piece of plastic in his heart, a small, tangible diaphragm between himself and reality. He’s a psychology graduate but works for the same insurance company as his father. He lives with Giulia, a tranquil girl who’d like to marry him, and he shares his dreams with Sebastiano, an old friend and accomplice in improbable projects. When Arturo’s father dies he inherits his position in the office, but he can neither mourn nor handle the job. He’s a Graduate without Mrs. Robinson, immobile by the pool contemplating the surreal promises of a future of plastic and policies. He does have a camera however, and starting with his father’s funeral he begins to divide reality into shots and poses, to break down and recompose, to join the dots between people and things. Taking advantage of his job he visits his clients at home and, when nobody’s looking, steals some object which he then leaves at the next client’s house. In this way he builds up an apparently random itinerary which ends up being the improbable road towards the realisation of dreams and pain.
Eleonora Sottili was born in 1970 in Viareggio. An insurance agent, psychologist and creative writing teacher, she has published various short stories. Il futuro è nella plastica is her first novel.

March 2010 – 180 pages, 14 x 20 cm