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Publisher: Bonfirraro Editore

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-6272-083-0

Il Mistero della tomba di Federico II

Catherine lives in Palermo, where she teaches at the university. Her father, dean of the University, dies suddenly of a heart attack and she remains lost and disoriented. When she returns to work she receives an invitation by the Archbishop, who invites her to pursue historical research that her father was doing. The research concerns the mysterious woman buried next to Emperor Frederick II in the beautiful red porphyry tomb in the Cathedral of Palermo. Catherine accepts the assignment and the archbishop has two colleagues join her: Peter Marchett and Father Carmelo. The three begin a journey back on recent events before the death of Frederick II and his burial. Soon they realize that the story is very complex. The tomb was opened several times over the centuries. There is no tampering evident, and the authorities have never done thorough investigations with modern scientific instruments.

So, Father Carmelo remains in the city to carry out research on the texts in the library, while Peter and Catherine depart for Germany to track down a lost work and a Cistercian monk who seems to provide a very good track.

They meet unexpected and ancient texts disseminated crypto codes, riddles and mathematical language, which will bring them to Alexandria, Egypt, where thanks to their wits and reasoning, they will be able to solve the first puzzle. Back in Palermo, they will face more threats: someone tried to kill her father Carmelo and the two seem to be in danger. But the difficulties do not stop the players who are able to discover the truth and reveal the reason for the death Catherine’s father.

14.5 cm. X 21 cm, 216 pages

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