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Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978 88 6272 036 6

Il partito dei magistrati

Storia di una lunga deriva istituzionale

This book by Mauro Mellini, moves away from the usual points of view according to which they are judged, with a severity which, however, it is always less than that due, events and people of justice in our country. Instead of looking at the alarming state of dysfunction, chronic and now that leaves little room for hope, Mellini, on time and with almost pique, examines the progressive distortion of the institutional machinery of justice, whose power, over the years has gone by widening over the river bed that is just right, with alteration of the balance between the various powers and functions of the state. A real “deviance” judicial apparatus, with a tendency to usurp the legislative and the executive, which manifests itself with the consequent assumption of addresses, purposes and inevitably political connotations. Justice becomes the government, it becomes party. And, consequently, it becomes less correct. A deviance that has disparate origins and whose responsibilities are to be assigned to categories and different political forces. This work by Mellini, titled so provocative as realistic, it will be useful, therefore, to reflect, but also, it is hoped, to act in the way and for the purposes desired by many.

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