Book Detail

Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978 88 8033 660 0

Il segreto di Ciro

Ciro’s secret

Ciro is ugly, shy and taciturn; his brother Ferdinando is handsome, easygoing and talkative. They live in Napoli with their mother, and their life seems quite uneventful. Until Lia arrives from Turin. Lia is beautiful and charming, nobody can avoid her deep, brown eyes. Both brothers fall for her, but who is she going to choose? When Lia goes back to Turin, Ciro starts chatting with her on Facebook… pretending to be Ferdinando. It turns out that writing and drawing is much easier than talking; Ciro can use it even to cope with that single event in his life that keeps him stuck in the past: his father’s death – an event that he’s going to tell in a graphic novel that gradually takes shape in his notebooks (and in the pages of the book).

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