Book Detail

Publisher: White Star Srl

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978 88 544 0673 5

Journey into Mystery Through the World’s Great Enigmas

The beauty of our planet constantly overwhelms us on every trip we take. But there are special placesĀ  that can literally enchant us: the ones where we discover traces of lost ancient civilizations, of secrets that have been kept for centuries of treasures never found. This volume is a journey into wonder, into mystery, into the great questions that have always accompanied humankind: What was there before us? What is the history that we do not know? A journey though places that are often inaccessible and breathtaking, an adventure made of stories and photographs that compose an image of a planet rich in stories waiting to be revealed: from the depths of submerged ruins off the coast of Japan to the staggering heights of the Egyptian Pyramids, from the timeless faces carved on the Moai on Easter Island to the secrets of the Vatican. A book for learning, but also one for raising new questions. A book for dreaming beyond the boundaries of knowledge.