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Publisher: Iris 4 Edizioni

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 88-89322-10-1/206706


GIACOMO’S FEVER  tells a love story setting in a mainly unusual place, a barracks.
The recruit Giacomo and the beautiful psychologist Irene meet at the military canteen and in the midst of a coffee, an evasive look, and a smile, they choose each other. So a relationship that makes many jealous, including the captain, begins.
The author is more interested to the evolution of love between Irene and Giacomo, in the friendship, and the shy affections of ordinary twenty-year-olds who are growing than military life. And the barracks becomes an interesting scenery where funny and strange characters such as Luigi the pot smoker or Fernando, and still Claudio, little rascal who ends up badly.
Valeria Nappi  “photographs” sometimes cynically sometimes by an absolutely feminine charm, a slice of twenty-year-old world in a novel free from sociological aspects and judgements.
In short, GIACOMO’S FEVER tells stories of love, friendship, daily freedom and normalcy, which let readers reflect and shake.

series: fabula
104 pages

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