Book Detail

Publisher: Edilingua , 2020

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-99358-93-8

La nuova Prova orale 2

Test and Assessment tool (Intermediate-advanced, B2-C2)

Second volume of a modern and up-to-date conversation manual that aims to provide the necessary support, to B2-C2 level students, to improve their speaking and mediation skills, and to prepare for oral tests of the main Italian language Certifications. The book is structured in 4 parts:

1) Le unità tematiche (The thematic units), which are the central part of the volume, present topics of actuality that allow students to discuss almost all aspects of modern life, thanks to a large number of questions and task activities. The units are sorted according to an increasing difficulty;

2) I compiti comunicativi(The communicative tasks) that allow students to practice problem solving activities similar to those they will find in the oral tests of the Certifications, such as the CELI 3;

3) Le espressioni e massime(The expressions and maxims) that allow students to analyze and comment some famous phrases such as for example in CELI 5;

4) Il glossario (The glossary), where students can check the meaning of more difficult words in order to prepare for each unit.