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Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978 88 8033 626 6

La ragazza che legge le nuvole

Reading the clouds

Leela is an Indian girl in love with her country and her grandma but her life is about to suddenly change! Her grandma dies and her family has to move to New England. A new country and new challenges await her: the bullying of the most popular girls at school, new friends and a new love. Leela goes back to when her grandma taught her to read the clouds: she used to tell her that only by reading the clouds could she be as free and brave as a hawk. But the American sky is grey and bleak and it doesn’t speak to her. Or maybe she has not tried hard enough…by reading the American clouds Leela and her new friends will learn that if they stick together they’ll be stronger than anything.

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