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Publisher: nottetempo Srl

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-7452-278-1

La scoperta del mondo

The discovery of the world

A dedicated activist and intellectual, Luciana Castellina was one of the founders of the daily newspaper il manifesto and a parliamentary member of the Communist Party. During her adolescence and early youth she kept a diary tracing the development of her political ideas. The diary covers such topics as how, aged fourteen, she would play tennis with schoolmate Alessandra Mussolini, then watch her racing off to join her father, and continues to when she was to join the Communist Party. During the years in between we trace the evolution of a girl from Rome’s exclusive Parioli district, whose eyes are open to the world and history, hesitant in thought but keen to understand. It includes her early travels, friends and her first joyous job, building a railway in Bosnia with other young people. Adventure, rebellion and the discovery of a spirit that was free, intelligent and impatient to gain shape.
Recently updated, this diary has kept all its freshness and value, offering a revealing and gripping read accompanied by some splendid photos from the past.

Luciana Castellina is a politician, journalist and writer. A member of the Italian Communist Party since 1947, she left the party along with the group that established il manifesto in 1969, to become one of its most authoritative voices. Her recent books include Cinquant’anni d’Europa. Una lettura antiretorica (UTET, 2007).

240 pages, 14 x 21 cm