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Lady’s Haircults

Molded by fashion, following the models of tradition, or an expression of individual personalities, women’s hair is one of the means through which female emancipation was achieved over the course of the 1900s. If up to the 40s the figure of the hairdresser reigned supreme as the undisputed authority in matters of style, creating new hairstyles that the divas of Hollywood were to make successful between the wars, new feminine figures coming from the areas of art, subculture and the street began to prevail with new cuts and diverse styles. Joséphine Baker and the world of jazz, Annemarie Schwarzenbach in the milieus of the intellectuals of Weimar and the existentialists of the Parisian cellars, set against the Petite tête of Dior’s New Look, while in America the Beehive of rock’n’roll played on the Jacqueline Kennedy label and the bourgeoisie. A stance that had is high point in the 80s when individual styles of women crossed the threshold of the salons and became the sole leading players there. Refined graphic, illustrations, photographs of the era and contemporary images tell the story of the hairstyles, the dress and the styles of the young members of the main trends flowering between 1940 and 1980 and in fashion today.
The volume additionally closes with a section of the most famous hairstylists and salons de coiffeurs.

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