Book Detail

Publisher: White Star Srl

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-544-0582-0

Legendary Rock Songs

Legendary Rock Songs is an unforgettable celebration of the songs that changed pop music history. From the origins of rock in the 1950s to the music of contemporary bands, the book presents some of the greatest songs in rocks, demonstrating their value both from a musical point of view and their deeper meaning and impact on generations of fans. We also reveal the stories behind the songs. This work, arranged chronologically, casts a new light on intriguing anecdotes and unpublished facts about rock stars.
Accompanying the text are evocative, rare images, including photographic portraits, powerful shots of musicians in concert, and faithful reproductions of the most beautiful singles covers.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to trace the course of rock history and fashion.

26×30 cm. – 272 pages