Book Detail

Publisher: Edilingua

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-960-693-068-3

L’italiano all’università 1 for English Speakers

L’italiano all’università 1 for English speakers is the bilingual version of L’italiano all’università 1.

L’italiano all’università is a course in two levels designed for students who are studying Italian at university in Italy or abroad but also in language schools. The student book and exercise book are together in one volume and are accompanied by an audio CD.

Each level is divided into 12 units that are organized in sections. At the end of each unit there is either an assessment test on the linguistic and communicative skills or a self-assessment table with the solutions. L’italiano all’università adopts a communicative approach and uses a wide range of written and oral texts in order to introduce students to grammar and vocabulary in an inductive way.

The Teacher’s guide is also available.

The exercises of the Workbook (with instructions in Italian), along with extra material and digital tools for both students and teachers, are available in interactive form on the i-d-e-e multi-platform.

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Further level:
L’italiano all’università 2 (available in the monolingual version only)
Author: Matteo La Grassa
ISBN: 978-960-693-069-0
Level: Intermediate level (B1-B2).