Book Detail

Publisher: White Star Srl

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978 88 544 07431 2

Little Boy

My first drawings - Sketches, drawings and masterpieces of a budding artist

As every parent well knows, children express their very personal way of seeing the world by opening a window into their thoughts and feelings through their drawings, perhaps this is the reason why our little artists’ first masterpieces are so important to us! You can now give your children’s drawings the importance they deserve, thanks to this book where you can collect and keep them. On alternative pages, children can draw whatever their imagination suggests and on the other pages there may be illustrations to color or simple step-by-step instructions for drawing animals and objects. To complete and enhance this book, there are pockets in which you can keep their drawings as well as CDs, photographs and videos of the little artists at work. Lastly, the frames enable you to display your favorite masterpieces.