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Publisher: White Star Srl

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-544-0605-6

Mediterranean Cuisine

Secrets from Italy’s Coastal Kitchens

This volume as realized in close collaboration with the Academia Barilla, an institution founded for the purpose of defending, regulating the quality of, and diffusing typical products of Italian gastronomy. It is dedicated to those who would like to learn the secrets of the true “Mediterranean diet”, a highly refined and appreciated nutritional model for those who want to match the pleasures of the table with correct and healthful nourishment. In leafing through the 120 recipes presented, covering all types of dishes from antipasti to desserts, from first courses to pizzas and focaccias, and on to second course dishes of meat and fish), the reader can “savor” the countless expressions of Mediterannean cuisine. 

Text and photographs by Academia Barilla – Preface by Mario Batali 
23.5 x 35 cm. – 304 pages
Hardcover with jacket