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Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978 88 8033 706 5

Mio nonno è una bestia

Granddad trouble

Martha and her family lead a quiet, uneventful life, until the day granddad Constant arrives. Martha has never met him before, and he is a big surprise: Constant is a gruff, unpredictable granddad, who has traveled across the world and has many stories to tell. Definitely something that is going to turn everybody’s life upside down! Sure enough, within a couple of weeks granddad proves himself a real troublemaker, who leaves only (exhilarating) catastrophes in his wake. Disaster after disaster, laugh after laugh, Fabrizio Silei describes the delicate building of a family bond with a great, humorous style. Maybe granddad Constant is not that bad… Be ready for big surprises!

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