Book Detail

Publisher: Edilingua

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-960-6632-69-3

Mosaico Italia

Mosaico Italia is a textbook for students of upper- intermediate and advanced level that wish to have a more in depth knowledge of Italian language and culture. The book consists of six topic-based chapters each one investing a different aspect of Italian life and culture: a historical-geographical and political-administrative overview of Italy; eating habits and food; media and information; cinema; sport and leisure; modern Italy and its problems.
Useful exercises lead to the verification of reading comprehension, to the expansion of vocabulary, to the review of grammatical structures and stimulate written and oral production.
The text can be used either as a stand-alone text book, or it can accompany any intermediate – advanced course book.

Mosaico Italia comes with an Audio CD attached to the book.

Level: Intermediate-advanced (B2-C2)