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Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

Format: hardcover

Piccola Peg e la Montagna di Plastica

A new adventure for Little Peg and his very special friend Mr. Acklethorpe! Summer is round the corner in the small mountain village where Little Peg lives when the Real Dreams Inc., a huge entertainment company, makes a frightful announcement: they are about to build a theme park in Peg’s hometown, a humongous tourist resort with plastic slides, plastic buildings, plastic…grass! The landscape of the valley is going to be completely disfigured but Little peg is well determined in fighting this all. Fortunately, a new, unpredictable friend will help her: Captain Groundhog! Aka Todd Mullins, a funny superhero with no super powers at all, but nonetheless very useful and determined. Together, they will do anything to save their mountains from the plastic invasion. Real Dreams be prepared: you will have no escape!

Books #1 & #2

Age: 6+

Pages: 128

Format: 14×20.5 cm

12,800 words

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