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Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978 88 8033 774 4

Piccolo buio

A little darkness

An essential, tiny but powerful story to make children acquainted with the darkness. With simple and neat illustrations Cristina Petit – the famous blogger and teacher – copes with the children’s biggest fear. Are those big scary red lights the eyes of a wolf that maybe wants to eat me? Are those flickering yellow lights the teeth of a tiger? It’s just a little darkness for me / And I am brave, I can see what it is! That’s what Talla tells to herself, in her little journey across her home at night. And she’s right, because there are no scary creatures in the various rooms – just the lights of some very common domestic appliances: the TV screen, the stereo, the washing machine… and in the end, there is even mummy’s reading light!

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