Book Detail

Publisher: Edilingua

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-960-693-052-2

Progetto Italiano Junior for English Speakers 1 (+ DVD + audio CD)

Progetto italiano Junior for English speakers is the bilingual version of Progetto italiano Junior.

Progetto italiano Junior is a modern, multimedia Italian course in three levels, designed specifically for teenagers, respecting their rhythm, learning needs and interests.

Each level combines Student’s book and Workbook together in one full-color volume and presents 6 units, each one divided into two sub-units. It also includes the video activities, a grammar appendix and a glossary.

Each level comes with an audio CD and a DVD Video (50’) with episodes of a sitcom, authentic interviews and a quiz show.

The course is accompanied by: a high quality and functional software for Interactive Whiteboard; the Teacher’s Guide; Online activities; a music blog (

The Workbook exercises, along with extra material and digital tools for both students and teachers, are available in interactive form on the i-d-e-e multi-platform.

For more detailed information and to browse one unit of each level, the index and the preface, please visit Edilingua website, following the links:

Progetto italiano Junior 1 for English speakers (+ DVD Video + audio CD)
by T. Marin – A. Albano
ISBN: 978-960-693-052-2
Level: Beginners (A1)

Progetto italiano Junior 2 for English speakers (+DVD Video + audio CD)
Authors: T. Marin – A. Albano
ISBN: 978-960-693-074-4
Level: Elementary (A2)

Progetto italiano Junior 3 for English speakers (+ DVD Video + audio CD)
Authors: T. Marin – A. Albano
ISBN: 978-960-693-112-3
Level: Intermediate (B1)