Book Detail

Genre: Textbook for learning/teaching of Italian language and culture

Publisher: Edilingua

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-88-98433-63-6

Via del Corso

Italian language course, Adults learners (A1)

Via del Corso is addressed to adult and young adult students. It is divided into four levels (A1, A2, B1, B2), and revolves around a story that aims at having students communicate with each other from the very first lessons.

It is a noir comedy narrated through a sit-com and a graphic novel. In this first volume, the story takes place in Rome. Video and comic strips are fully integrated in the structure of the course and do not just represent an extra resource.

Via del Corso A1 is organized in 12 units. Each unit presents the following structure:

1) Pronti!, an opening section to activate any previous knowledge and emotionally involve students by stimulating their curiosity

2) Two episodes of the story, one of a sit-com and one of a graphic novel, followed by activities

3) Italia&italiani, a section dedicated to the Italian culture and civilization, supported by videos created ad-hoc

4) Sintesi, a page that organizes the communicative and grammar structures covered in the unit

Via del Corso A1 offers:

1) Libro dello studente ed esercizi

2) N. 1 DVD, including 12 video episodes, 12 episodes of a graphic novel and 12 cultural videos

3) N. 2 Audio-CDs, including the radio drama of the story and tracks to exercise pronunciation and comprehension

The access code to the interactive exercises of the Workbook on platform. Among the many supplementary material that accompany Via del Corso is the Party games, four different types of games to revise and consolidate in a playful way the knowledge acquired in the units

Next level courses books:

Via del Corso A2

Authors: T. Marin, P. Diadori

ISBN: 978-88-98433-82-7

Level: Elementary (A2)

Via del Corso B1 

Authors: T., P. Diadori

ISBN: 978-88-99358-45-7

Level: Pre-intermediate (B1)

Level B2 is in preparation.

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