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Publisher: Altair 4 Multimedia Srl

Format: disc

Virtual Rome

Virtual Ancient Rome is a title of about 70 pages with lenticular images (that is plastic pages that enable the simultaneous and superimposed vision of a number of images, depending on the visual angles) of Roman antiquities as they are and as they were in their original splendour, thanks to virtual reconstructions superimposed on present pictures.

There will be also photographs, old prints, 3D models and elucidatory texts, all made up into a pocket size format, useful also as a guidebook. All the virtual reconstructions and texts, although very simple and clear, have been scientifically edited by a staff of Roman archaeologists.

The format is ready to be expanded by some more images, also of great format, and translated in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Italian) and completed by Podcast and DVD

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