Book Detail

Publisher: Edizioni Il Punto d’Incontro

Format: hardcover

ISBN: 978-88-8093-786-9

You Can Change: The Book of Turning Points

Carry out the changes you’ve been constantly postponing!

A practical guide to achieve any change in your life. Often you may find yourself at a dead end in life, work, relationships; you would really like to change a situation that makes your life miserable, but you don’t know where to start from. You Can Change has the answers to these questions, providing not just a collection of tips and techniques, but also an easy and successful method that has been tried and tested by many people. This method will teach you how to:

Make up your mind and decide to change.
Be determined and self-confident, before and during the journey.
Know what are the steps to take and how.
Catch and fend off the “own goals of your mind”, i.e. the inner self-sabotage acts that prevent you from achieving what you want.
Be aware of the ten laws that will allow you to easily make any positive change.