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Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

Format: hardcover

Zorro Nella Neve

“He opens his eyes and all is dark. He knows where he is; he is under the snow. He cannot move; there is a boulder above his head. He is still alive… and still breathing.” Luca is nineteen and leads quite an uneventful life: final year student at the college, boring friends and meaningless afternoons. One day, whilst snowboarding, an avalanche almost kills him: he is saved by Bruno, a volunteer, and Zorro, his mountain rescue dog. Having survived such an ordeal, Luca now wants to become a volunteer too and to have his own dog. In the same city, Mary is a vet student and likes spending most of her time at the dog pound, where six adorable mongrel puppies have just arrived, in need of a home. That’s how Luca and Mary will meet, discovering what it is to love and take care of somebody, no matter how great or small.

Age: 12+

Pages: 192

Format: 14×21 cm

42,000 words

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