BookExpo 2016 Spotlight: Cartiere del Garda







Cartiere del Garda, part of the Lecta Group, is specialized in the production of woodfree coated papers for high quality printing: GardaMatt Art, GardaMatt Ultra, GardaGloss Art, GardaCover Hi-Fi and GardaPat 13.


About the company:

The Cartiere del Garda adventure began in distant 1956 in Riva del Garda (TN), when its founders decided to launch an entrepreneurial challenge which would bring lustre and job opportunities to an area which had not at the time experienced its current boom in tourism.

Cartiere del Garda immediately adopted a modern and forward looking approach, and its consistent growth led to its acquisition, in 1971, by Germany’s Bertelsmann publishing group, which had a notably positive effect on its position as a manufacturer of coated paper.

At the end of 1997, Cartiere del Garda left the Bertelsmann multimedia Group and became the focus of the Lecta Group. Through the acquisitions of Condat and Torraspapel, Lecta has developed into an international paper manufacturer ranking second largest in Europe for production of coated woodfree paper.

Available certifications: ISO 14001, EMAS, FSC®, PEFC™, OHSAS 18001 (Safety and Health), ISO 50001 (Energy Management) and ISO 9001 (Quality).

Check out their website at and then come see them at BookExpo 2016, booths 1204, 1205, and 1305!