All the Animals were Angry

by William Wondriska

It’s hard to keep your calm when there’s nothing to do and the heat of the jungle is insufferable. Try asking the animals of William Wondriska, who make the huge mistake of pointing out each other’s shortcomings! The lion accuses the tortoise of being too slow, the tortoise accuses the elephant of being too bulky, the elephant accuses the ant of being too small, and so on. This goes on all day until in the end a kind dove comes down from the sky to restore harmony, and remind everyone that sometimes it’s good to be bulky, slow and even small.
In a series of lightly drawn illustrations, William Wondriska tells a delightful story that gently reminds adults and children alike of the importance of tolerance.

All the animals were angry is the fourth book by Wondriska to be published by Corraini after 123 A Book To See, All by Myself and A long piece of string.

Renowned graphic designer, William Wondriska is among the protagonists of American graphic design in the second half of 20th century. He studied at Yale University and School of the Art Institute in Chicago and has been professor at several universities in the US. He wrote eleven books for children that have been awarded many prizes by the American Institute of
Graphic Arts.

Available product forms

Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback


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