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Conflict Grammar

by Daniele Novara

The maieutic art of transforming conflicts into resources

Even though we regard them as problems to be avoided and sources of sorrows, conflicts are a daily and very common reality.

Since conflicts are an utterly personal and subjective experience, we sometimes don’t even recognize them, we sometimes are taken aback by their sudden surge, we sometimes harbor a conflict for a long time and let it lead to guilt and to dysfunctional relationships.

Very often conflicts can change our lives.

It is important to distinguish between conflicts and violence, which isn’t a degeneration of turbulent feelings, but rather a shortcut to avoid facing conflicts by unilaterally eliminating a problem in a human relationship. Learning to recognize a conflict and to effectively and creatively manage conflicts within the couple, the family, the workplace and our social lives is of the utmost importance.

The innovative standpoint of this book is the belief in the possibility of learning from conflicts.

This grammar includes numerous examples, situations and common human experiences and it offers a variety of opportunities.

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Paperback / softback


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