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Disappearance Fantasy

by Massimo Fagioli

This publication  brings together all  the lessons held by Massimo Fagioli at the University of Chieti in 2007. In this book the author covers the story of a long research. The reconstruction of the past and a confrontation with the present offer the occasion to expand upon his theory and to explore, for as much as it is possible, the process of group psychotherapy, based on his personal experience and the theoretical elaboration of the human condition. The lessons ,therefore, don’t represent the simple transmission of  acquired knowledge but are rather an integral moment in an ongoing original research that starts with the absolute rejection of the historical concept that the unknown is unknowable.

Massimo Fagioli, psychiatrist, was awarded a degree in Medicine from Rome University which he undertook with the specific aim of exploring psychic reality. After working in Venice, Padua, Rome and Kreuzlingen and after more than ten years of research on the reality of psychiatry and so-called psychoanalysis, he proposed, in 1971, the scientific results of his experiences and his training with the publication of Death Instinct  and Knowledge, which caused the most varied reactions. After the publication of Death Instinct  and Knowledge,  other books were published: La marionetta e il burattino, Teoria della nascita e castrazione umana e Bambino, donna e trasformazione dell’uomo. Since 1975 Fagioli has responded to the request of hundreds of people for psychotherapy, creating the Collective Analysis which many attend.
He has also kept a column in the weekly “Left” for the last four years; since 2002 he has taught at the University of Chieti- Pescara. Some of his university lessons have been published in Storia di una ricerca. Lezioni 2002, Das Unbewusste. L’inconoscibile. Lezioni 2003, Una vita irrazionale. Lezioni 2006 and Fantasia di sparizione. Lezioni 2007, published by this editor.

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