Elinor Puffygal

by Francesca Martucci

Messy Little Witch

Elinor is an aspiring nine-year-old witch who’s about to start at SMA, the School of Magical Arts, on Felinia Island. What will it be like? Who will she meet? And, most importantly, how many times is she going to make a fool of herself?

You see, if there’s one thing that Elinor is sure about, it’s that she’ll never be as talented as the rest of her family, which has been producing masters of the magical arts for generations! The only thing she thinks she’s good at is playing with ingredients and creating special snacks.

But thanks to her new friends and adventures at SMA, Elinor discovers that her talent is special, too. Actually, it’s magic!

A story for dreaming and having fun with magic and a bumbling, hilarious heroine

An out-of-the-ordinary setting for stories about everyday experiences

Illustraded by talented Rachele Aragno able to convey humour through an eloquent, unforgettable and exquisite style 

Format: cm 16.5 x 24 - Pages: 128 - Age: 7+ - Hardcover - Full colour illustrations by Rachele Aragno

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Published by MariettiJunior

Main content page count: 128 Pages